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My Gluten-Free Diet Was Making Me Sick

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Have you ever felt like you were doing everything possible to take care of yourself, but you were still struggling to feel good? To lose weight? To stop feeling tired? This happened to me recently and I finally got the answers I needed. Before I dive in, it’s important to know that I love experimenting […]

This Simple Hawaiian Mantra Is A Powerful Tool For Shifting Your Paradigm

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Do you ever get stuck on some awkward exchange, bitter argument, or painful memory? Meanwhile, do you want to be more creative, innovative, and peaceful? There’s no app for that, but there’s a really cool Hawaiian practice to check out! Last month I visited Hawaii for the first time. I’ve wanted to visit Hawaii ever […]

Science, Hugs, And Socks

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Time and attention are the best gifts to give. (tweet this) Every morning at 5am Maya Angelou had coffee with her husband before she embarked on a day of writing. Benjamin Franklin began his day with one question, “What good shall I do this day?” If you search back through history, the most prolific figures, […]


victory rituals is about mastering your morning through…

finding your focus
taking the time to breathe
moving your body with love
and eating like a goddess